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  • Brand: TitBit
  • Sku: 006139


Biff "Dent" Meat Platter is a chewy snack for dogs, essential for removing mild plaque, reducing tartar levels and massaging the gums through a specially designed shape and texture, used as a treat and encouragement.


Appointment for brushing teeth
Net weight 100g
Ingredients rice, meat and by-products, animal protein, fiber, lecithin, oils and animal fats, yeast extract, minerals, phytocomplex of plant extracts, natural flavors, natural dye
Nutritional value per 100 g: proteins 7 g, fats 2.5 g, ash 2.5 g, fiber 2 g, moisture 20 g. Energy value per 100 g: 230 kcal.
Expiration date (months) 12
Storage conditions
Store at temperatures from +4°С to +25°С and relative humidity not more than 75%.