Glance for sterilized cats, 10kg

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  • Brand: Probalance
  • Sku: Պ21

Special dry food Glance for castrated and sterilized cats and female cats. The food is suitable for adults and elderly pets (from 1 year and older).

Features of Glance dry food for castrated and sterilized cats and female cats:

After sterilization and castration, changes occur in the cat's body. Each pet's body reacts differently. For example, hormonal levels change, pets move less, may begin to eat more and gain weight. For such pets, it is recommended to choose specialized food.

— Calorie content has been reduced to prevent cats from gaining excess weight.
- Lots of protein - 30%.
This is one of the most important components in cat nutrition.
— Includes a complete vitamin and mineral complex.
In food for sterilized and neutered animals, the amount of calcium and phosphorus is lower than in regular food (such animals do not need an excess of minerals).
— Contains taurine
An essential amino acid for vision and heart.