Proxvost for cats, beef meat 10kg

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  • Brand: Probalance
  • Sku: Պ19

Balanced dry food for adult cats with beef. The food is made from natural ingredients, enriched with vitamins and minerals and recommended for daily feeding.

Dry food Prokhvost ("Proxvost") was developed by Danish pet feeding specialists. They created a diet that includes clear, natural foods without artificial colors or flavor enhancers. Cats are often picky eaters. When creating the recipe, Danish specialists took this feature into account. One of the ingredients is beef, known for its taste and easy digestibility.

  • The "Proxvost" diet is much healthier than food from a person's table. The combination of taste and benefits is achieved thanks to the high content of proteins (30%) and fats (10%). 
  • The nutrients in the food are balanced to suit the needs of the cat's body. 
  • The recipe includes taurine, which is needed for sharp vision and heart function.
  • Dry granules act as a toothbrush. When a cat chews food, plaque is removed - additional prevention against the formation of tartar.

protein – 30%
fat – 10% fiber
– 3.5%
ash – 9%
calcium –1.8%
phosphorus –1.1%
moisture – 10%