Canned dog food Proxvost with beef in sauce, 85g

  • Price: 140 AMD
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  • Brand: Probalance

Canned balanced dog food with beef in sauce. Daily nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds. Wet food Prokhvost (Prokhvost) is a nourishing diet for every day.
Features of Protail food:

  • The recipe includes products with different types of protein, which provide the dog’s body with essential amino acids.
  • The nutritional value of the food is selected in such a way as to maintain the dog’s normal weight. In other words, so that the pet eats and does not gain weight.
  • Fiber regulates proper intestinal motility.
  • The food is enriched with vitamins A, D, E - for immunity, coat and skin.
  • A balanced combination of calcium and phosphorus takes care of the preservation of bones and teeth.

With regular feeding, your pet will be in excellent physical shape.