Canned dog food Protail with turkey in sauce, 85g

  • Price: 140 AMD
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  • Brand: Probalance

Canned complete dog food with turkey in gravy. Daily nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds.

Features of Protail food:

  •  A hearty turkey-flavored meal with juicy pieces and gravy. Moreover, some pets love gravy even more than the meat part.
  •  The food is balanced. This means that the dog receives all the necessary nutrients along with food.
  •  Canned food can be alternated with dry food to add variety to your pet's food.
  •  The food contains vitamins A, D, E, as well as calcium and phosphorus - for immunity, coat and teeth.
  •  Even older pets who, due to their age, cannot eat solid food, can handle soft meat pieces.

    The food is suitable for pets of all breeds, especially small and medium-sized pets, for which 1-2 sachets constitute a single serving.