Canned cat food Probalance Gourmet Diet with veal and lamb in jelly, 85g

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  • Brand: Probalance

Premium complete wet food for cats that are picky eaters. The food is made from natural products. There are several sources of animal protein that cats need every day. The diet is suitable for daily feeding of cats from 1 year of age of all breeds and sizes.

 Pets, like people, have their own food preferences. They also have their favorite and least favorite foods. Probalance Gourmet Diet food is created for gourmet cats with their unpredictable taste. It’s not so easy to feed such picky eaters: they don’t eat everything and may refuse dinner if it doesn’t suit their cat’s taste.

Features of Probalance Gourmet wet cat food:
 Delicious, complete food for every day without artificial additives or preservatives. The diet can be classified as “proper nutrition,” as people call it. There is nothing chemical in it that increases appetite (baits, sugars and other similar components).
  The combination of veal and lamb is selected for cats that do not eat “simple” food well and want a more complex dish.
  The food completely provides the cat’s body with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In cat nutrition, a balance of vitamins and minerals is important so that the cat receives them in the correct proportion. Probalance food is “about balance”: the proportions of vitamins, minerals and trace elements are maintained.
  The composition includes a prebiotic so that the cat has a healthy intestinal microflora.
  Another important element in food is taurine. It is responsible for visual acuity and heart muscle.

Probalance is a natural balanced food with a preventive function without E-preservatives. Balance of taste and benefits for your pet.