Probalance Gourmet Diet beef & rabbit 85g

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  • Brand: Probalance

Premium complete wet food for cats that are picky eaters. The food is made only from natural products - it does not contain flavor enhancers or preservatives. The diet is recommended for daily feeding of adult cats of all breeds.

Pets are like people. Just like people, cats have their own preferences in food: the pet is ready to eat something every day, but he doesn’t like some dish and he ignores such food according to the “hungry but proud” principle. Probalance Gourmet Diet food is created for four-legged “gourmets” who do not eat all the rations, leave half-eaten bowls, or go “give up” when they are tired of lunch (“you gave me this food again”).

Features of Probalance Gourmet wet cat food:

  •  Delicious, complete food for every day without artificial additives or preservatives. People would call such a diet “healthy lifestyle” (healthy lifestyle).
  •  Combining veal with rabbit gives a more complex flavor than, for example, just chicken or just beef. This may appeal to capricious pets who are already tired of the usual tastes of food.
  •  The food contains everything that a cat’s body receives in the wild: meat protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, all useful substances are balanced among themselves and enter the body in the required proportion.
  •  A specially selected prebiotic supports intestinal microflora, which is important for healthy digestion.
  •  Taurine strengthens vision and heart muscle. It has been proven that without it, cats lose their vigilance.
  • Probalance is a natural balanced food with a preventive function without E-preservatives. Balance of taste and benefits for your pet.