Canned food Sensitive sensitive digestion 85 gr

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  • Brand: Probalance
  • Sku: Պ06

Canned food Sensitive sensitive digestion 85 gr

Full-fledged balanced premium canned food for cats with sensitive digestion and prone to allergies. The food is recommended for daily feeding of adult cats of all breeds.

Probalance Sensitive food is developed by Danish veterinarians. Like no one else, they know how difficult it is to pick up food for pets who have sensitive digestion. Probalance food takes into account the characteristics of cats with allergies, therefore, products that can irritate a sensitive stomach are excluded from the composition to the maximum.

The main ingredients of the feed and their benefits:

The composition includes a special prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora, facilitates digestion and full assimilation of food.
To satisfy the cats' need for a large amount of protein, the food is made from natural meat and fish products.
The formula of the feed contains taurine – an essential amino acid for the body of cats (taurine is needed for visual acuity and a healthy heart).
Additionally, the food is enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
100% natural composition without flavor enhancers and E-preservatives.