Canned food 1st Diet for kittens with veal in jelly, 85g

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  • Brand: Probalance
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Canned food 1st Diet for kittens with veal in jelly, 85g

Full-fledged balanced premium canned food with veal in jelly. The diet is recommended for daily feeding of kittens from the 1st month, as well as pregnant and nursing cats.

Probalance Kitten 1st diet wet food was developed by practicing Danish veterinarians for the harmonious growth and development of kittens.

The benefits of the main feed ingredients:

The composition of the feed includes natural veal, which is an indispensable source of protein, vitamins and trace elements. This is necessary for the full development and growth of the kitten. 
Natural antioxidants contained in pieces of meat help strengthen the immune system. 
Taurine (an essential amino acid for the body of cats) provides visual acuity. 
The phyto-composition "Fitocare for cats" (a patented collection of medicinal herbs) has restorative and tonic properties.
Probalance healthy diets are a balance of taste and benefits without artificial preservatives. Specially selected raw materials and strict production requirements ensure high quality feed.