Josera Help Hypoallergenic for dog 10kg

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  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Brand: Josera Petfood GmbH&Co KG

If it itches and pinches, the coat becomes pale or the digestion suffers, there is usually a suspicion of feed intolerance or allergy. But what to do if the dog can no longer tolerate its feed? With Josera Help Hypoallergenic we have a solution!

The hypoallergenic special diet can help with suspected feed intolerance and allergy thanks to animal monoprotein. Anyone who has a sensitive dog at home usually knows it: a special exclusion diet can help. Here, a feed is given that brings a single rare protein source. If the symptoms, such as itching or diarrhoea, improve during the exclusion diet, it is very likely that the quadruped is allergic to an ingredient of the previously fed feed or has developed an intolerance.

The Josera Help Hypoallergenic recipe is suitable for such an exclusion diet, as it only uses one animal protein source: Hermetia illucens, the larva of the black soldier fly. Together with selected carbohydrate sources, the recipe becomes a grain-free, tasty and digestible solution. In the best case, the itching and diarrhoea disappear. Your dog will tolerate the feed well and will also enjoy eating it thanks to the crunchy, tasty kibbles.

  • Suitable for a hypoallergenic diet thanks to a low number of ingredients
  • Grain-free, easily digestible recipe: Can help with feed intolerances and allergies
  • Animal monoprotein: insects as a rare protein source
  • Selected carbohydrate sources are made even more digestible by prior thermal digestion

Dietary complete feed with grain free recipe for adult dogs with feed intolerance and / or allergy