Dog&Dog Wild Regional Ocean 12kg

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  • Brand: Gheda

COMPOSISION: complete food
As in the case of fish dehydrated fish (28%), peas, Salmon parato fresh fish (17%), animal fat, chestnut fragments, in 1999 he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Physics. and Rosa pendulina L. (0.024%), raspberries (0.008%), blackberries (0.008%), strawberries (0.008%).
Component Analyzer: Crude protein 40.40%, Crude fiber 1.80%, Crude oils and fats 18.50%, Crude Keneri 8.60%.
One kg of ACIVA. Nutritional Acivi: Vitamin A 7,200 U.I., Vitamin D 720 U.I., Cupric sulphate pentahydrate (Copper) 30.95 (7.88) mg.
Technical Acivi: anti-oxidants. Tokopherol extracts from vegetable oils 36 mg.
Organoleptic acids: botanically defined natural substances. Rosemary extract 105 mg.