Beef stroganoff for dogs Gold Collection 75 g

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  • Brand: TitBit
  • Sku: 019191

The Gold Collection is TITBIT's finest line of treats designed with input from pet owners and their pets. Lamb beef stroganoff is a meat delicacy that, thanks to its high meat content (94%) and gentle cooking technology, has an attractive appearance, incredible taste and delicate texture. Lamb, which is the basis of the delicacy, is a dietary source of high-quality animal protein, vitamins and minerals. No gourmet can resist this delicacy.

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Net weight 75
Ingredients meat and meat by-products (lamb 94%), vegetable oils, lingonberry sauce, natural dye (carmine).
Nutritional value per 100 g: proteins 59 g, fats 17 g, ash 5 g, moisture 17 g. Energy value per 100 g: 397 kcal.
Expiration date (months) 12
Storage conditions Store at temperatures from +4˚С to +25˚С and relative humidity not more than 75%.